We are dedicated to life long learning and we strive to instill that same goal in our students.  Each instruction session is tailored to the needs and musical desires of the individual student.  Students learn how to use their practice time in effective and efficient ways that make that time enjoyable.  Students also learn to assess their own progress each day and grow to become better musicians.


Voice Lessons

Peter Thomsen

After many years of conducting choirs, teaching voice, singing, and being Director of Fine Arts at Longmeadow High School, Peter Thomsen continues to spend a great deal of time and resources continuing his education so that he can offer the best and most up to date functional vocal instruction and artistic coaching available.  For many years he has taught for his New York City teacher, Jeanette LoVetri at Shenandoah Conservatory at Shenandoah University in Virginia.  That time has been rich with learning as over 250 professional singers, university professors and medical professionals from more than 20 countries attended.  His skills as a Somatic Voice Teacher, The LoVetri Method continue to grow.  He blends that understanding with many years of vocal study and performance to teach his students in the most healthy and efficient way.

Piano Lessons

Abby Thomsen

Abby Thomsen’s extensive training has been the foundation for her highly successful piano studio.  Her varied background as a soloist, accompanist and music business woman have given her a diverse and well rounded understanding of not only the technical and artistic aspects of piano playing, but of what it takes to be a professional musician.  Her ongoing commitment to her own further training through workshops and conferences provide her students with current understandings, trends and approaches.  Her students gain solid piano skills that provide them with the ability to be lifelong pianists. Whether Abby Thomsen’s students are heading for a prestigious conservatory or just pursuing the opportunity to play the piano for their own pleasure, she fashions each lesson to meet the student’s individual goals.